Diligent is a patented disinfectant that has been proven to kill viruses
for up to 28 days on a range of material including hard, non-porous
surfaces all the way to the soft, porous materials used in respirators.
DILIGENT is a product of an American company that is run by Americans
with a great desire to help our fellow citizens in this time of crisis.
Medetech’s liquid formulations (MedeSol and MedeSol MC)
have good safety records for human, animal and environmental exposure and are fully compatible with processes used in the manufacture of medical and consumer products.

Both formulations can be used in simple manufacturing procedures, and are readily scalable to industrial levels.
Industries that would immediately benefit from our formulated products...
MedeSol MC formulation in ethanol was
applied to nonwoven elements of N95 mask
in a simple soak and air dry process.
Active chlorine in MedeSol coating on N95 polypropylene nonwovens did not change over 6 months of storage    

MedeSol coated nonwoven captured and inactivated all influenza virus particles in  ASTM protocol on filtration efficacy    

MedeSol  antimicrobial coating on cotton/poly fibers killed bacteria and virus to high levels (>99.9999%) after contact times in the 3-10 min range    

MedeSol antimicrobial coating on hard surface persisted at high levels, still killing >99.9999% Staph aureus at 24 hours while Clorox bleach was completely ineffective 30 min after application    

MedeSol antimicrobial coating on hard surface was still detectable at high levels against Staph aureus at two months after application (up to 99.99999% kill )
The cost-effectiveness is well-supported by independent laboratory testing, and
makes possible many unique, high margin/high value end products and benefits.
Jeffrey F. Williams, Ph.D
+ 27 years as Professor of Microbiology and
    Molecular Genetics at Michigan State University

+ Author of over 200 scientific papers
   and textbook chapters

+ 10 patents in functional polymers, infection
    and odor control

+ Board Member of Counselors to the US-NIH, and
    consultant to the World Health Organization

+ Fellow of the American Association for the
    Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Simon E. Johnston
+ 35 years as healthcare and textile entrepreneur

+ Co-founder of HaloSource Inc.

+ 2001 began developing novel functional polymer
   chemistries with emphasis on infection and odor control

+ 7 US patents, including several on polymer chemistry

+ Expertise in international & domestic
   chemistry technology licensing

Prof. S. Davis Worley, Ph.D.,
Dave Worley was Distinguished
Professor of Physical Sciences at
Auburn University, Auburn AL,
until his retirement in 2017.
Research areas over his long career
included photoelectron spectroscopy,
materials surface science, and
antimicrobial materials and polymers.
He received  more than $8 million
in extramural funding, mostly
from US Federal agencies, and
published more than 250 papers in
peer-reviewed journals, and has
been awarded 40 US patents. He
remains active in research as an E
meritus Professor; his laboratory is
focused on the development of
innovative antimicrobial compounds.

Prof. Royal M. Broughton, Ph.D.,
Roy was professor of Textile
Engineering in the Center for
Polymers and Advanced Composites,
Auburn University, Auburn, AL until
his retirement in 2008. His
experiences in chemistry and
process engineering enabled him
to work on projects funded by US NIH, US DoD, NASA, and many private corporations over his career,
during which he published over 100
scientific papers. His research
focused on polymer fibers and their
functional modification, and he
was awarded 18 US patents in
this area of technology.

YuYu Sun, Ph.D.,
Yuyu is Professor of Chemistry,
U Mass, Lowell, MA. Yuyu is an
internationally renowned
polymer chemist, inventor,
and long- time collaborator with
Simon Johnson and Jeff Williams,
with a keen interest in successful
commercialization of the
inventions controlled by
the company.

Howard  Wheeler,
B.S. Chem, B.S. Chem Eng,
After a long career in the upper
echelons of major chemical industry
corporations in the US and EU,
Howard embarked on a successful
career as an independent
entrepreneur in the field of process
chemistry for several more decades.
He has more recently become a
process and formulation consultant
extraordinaire, providing advisory
services to a wide clientele of
industrial chemistry enterprises,
both established and start-ups.  
Howard has collaborated with Simon
Johnston and Jeff Williams
continuously over the last 20 years.

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